How do 6000+ languages say ‘airplane’?

Introducing a transformational, global marketing opportunity
with a 1-of-1, category-defining, digital asset.

This digital asset is easily identifiable across different ages, cultures, and languages around the world.


Yes, that’s a very real domain name.


There are only 22 emoji dot com domain names in existence!*


Of the 22, there’s ONLY 1 airplane emoji. Just 1.




of one digital asset


top-level domain extension (.com)


massive global opportunity

By the numbers...*

  • 10 billion emojis are sent each day
  • 92% of the world’s online population use emojis
  • Over half of the global emoji users (55%) are more willing to buy an item using an emoji
  • 92% of global emoji users agree that emojis make it easier for them to communicate
    across language barriers
  • The ✈️ is in the top 8% of all emojis used
  • The ✈️ is currently used in 1.6M Instagram posts per week

Leverage it.
Capture it.
Dominate it.

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  • Secure an industry-disrupting competitive advantage
  • Be uniquely memorable on a global scale
  • Connect with GenZ now (32% of the global population)*
  • Robustly enhance your brand’s relevance
  • Be an industry innovator
  • Drive growth in customer awareness, acquisition, and retention

Secure the asset guaranteed to make you stand out in a hyper-competitive market.

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Think ahead.
Someone is going to acquire and capitalize on this asset.

If your stakeholders find out that you passed on this unrivaled opportunity, how might that affect your legacy?

So, you can dismiss this rare opportunity as whimsical and trite, OR
you can solidify your reputation and legacy as an innovation leader worldwide.

Inaction is an action.
Indecision is a decision.
Decide now to take action.

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* according to our current research

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